Airedale and Wharfedale Honours Board

League Winners
Monday Evening League winners
Div 1 Guiseley ‘A’ 2008
Div 1 Guiseley ‘A’ 2010
Div 1 Guiseley ‘A’ 2011

I.B. Thompson Four-a-side Knockout Winners
2010 Guiseley ‘A’ (G Whelan, R Stockdale, J Stockdale, K Bull and R Sissons)
2012 Guiseley ‘A’ (J Stockdale, R Stockdale, A Durkin, G Oliver)

Wheatley Trophy
2003 Guiseley ‘A’
2009 Guiseley ‘A’
2010 Guiseley ‘A’
2011 Guiseley ‘A’

Carlisle Sheild
2008 Guiseley ‘B’

Ronnie Collins
2007 Guiseley ‘A’
2008 Guiseley ‘A’
2011 Guiseley ‘A’

Maria Ogden
2008 Guiseley ‘A’
2012 Guiseley ‘A’

League Average Winners

Monday Evening Div 1
2003 W Cater
2006 G OIiver
2007 W Cater
2008 W Cater
2011 W Cater

Monday Evening Div 3
2008 J Wiffen

Individual Cup Winners

Raynor Singles trophy
2009 M Hall
2010 R Stockdale
2011 J Stockdale

Fred Morley pairs
2007 A Durkin and G Whelan
2009 A Durkin and G Whelan
2010 A Durkin and G Whelan
2012 A Durkin and G Whelan

2008 Champion of Champions W Cater 

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